Alex Miller founded Upgraded Points with the sole intention of leveraging the credit card system for the benefit of all. Credit cards offer impressive bonus features, and they tout these bonus features in commercials and other advertisements. The Upgraded Points system is all about using these bonuses to benefit the borrower, instead of it being a sole source of borrowing money.

Alex Miller understood the big business dynamic of the credit card industry in a huge way. He knew the deals were impressive and he found a way to apply them to people in a business. He teaches powerful tactics to maximize flight earnings, earn bonus rewards, and receive instant cash deposits based on spending dollars.

Breaking Goals into Daily Steps

All of the strategies revolving on leveraging bonuses are stretched and broken apart. More specifically, borrowers can create daily goals to strive for to properly spread apart and utilize the bonus rewards. This is a big part of the Upgraded Points secret. Alex Miller founded to teach people how to make big money off spending little money.

One area of making money back through credit is in flight miles. Flight miles can be broken into feasible and grounded mini goals. For example, the large goal is to reach one million flight miles. It is a great goal, but it can’t be achieved on its own. It must be stretched over the course of, say, a year, and broken into daily action. What can be accomplished every day towards that goal?

Take Action

The breaking down of the goal means placing it under action. What is done to achieve a set of flight miles? It could be any purchase. It could be strictly gas purchases. It could be trade-ins as a bonus reward.

The goal of achieving flight miles has to be turned into tangible action, such as placing all gas expenses on the card, paying off the full debt each month, or making no purchases for a time. However, the flight mile plan manifests, action should be taken to appropriately reach that stretch goal. Alex Miller teaches these card-earning tactics to maximize earnings and take advantage of every bonus.