Putlocker is an online index of hosted files and numerous websites that are used for streaming entertainment forms like television and film series. The website first originated in the United Kingdom in the early 2011 and grew famous with its millions of visitors using it as their form of entertainment. This form of watching streaming videos has gained popularity in other countries too like Australia, USA, Canada, and India. But the site had been blocked on May 2016 by the UK High Court when it was at its pinnacle of success. This site has also been reported as a major piracy threat by the Motion Picture Association of USA.


Putlocker has been identified as a piracy site because it displays film and series that have been uploaded through illegal means and distributed to the public. Downloading these shows from Putlocker means getting caught and charged with serious penalties of the law as these are pirated. Even if the individual is involved in downloading the series form this website unknowingly of the fact that the content is pirated, he will still have to suffer severe punishment as stated by the law. Piracy is a serious offense and no movies can be downloaded before its set release date as it hampers the business processes that put in a lot of money for a film’s release and distribution.

Putlocker and its users have been found guilty of copyright infringement. The MPAA has set some strict rules on Putlocker and has found this website guilty of engaging in piracy acts several times. But Putlocker comes up with new domain names each time after it gets caught so that it can be launched repeatedly despite committing the crime of piracy. Moreover, there are many people who encourage piracy and that is why sites like Putlocker still exist. Therefore shutting down this website has actually earned them a reprieve for a temporary period as they are back again, though still guilty, with a new domain name.


As Putlocker is known for using pirated videos for its streaming, it is believed by many that the use of this website is completely unsafe as using such illegal content means a violation of the said rights. It has a high number of distracting ads and pop-ups that easily agitate the viewer as it acts as a hindrance to his smooth watching of the movies or television series. Entering this website via unofficial portals or proxies poses a greater risk because the computer gets infected with viruses. Malware like Trojan Horse attack the computer or laptop affecting the smooth functioning of your electronic device. If you still want to use this website and feel safe simultaneously, opt for a VPN service or an AV Threat Labor an ad blocker.

Some even believe that Putlocker uses videos, series, and ads that have a PG-13 level content which means showing profanity, sex and violence substances in it streaming videos. The pop-ups also contain adult content which is not a suggested thing for the young audience. That is why some feel that the site does not have the proper restriction age for its usage which should be imposed so that such annoying content does not hamper young minds. One will even get to see dozens of comments containing complaints about the disgusting adult content in the website’s pop-ups.

The site also escalates its users to other different websites to procreate one’s existing video player or join unknown organizations. These websites association with Putlocker has posted them in viewing it as a suspicious website that may also have some disgusting content in them. Moreover, such web pages can also harm the electronic devices with their malware which is not always under the control of antivirus software. Therefore, alternatives for putlocker.ch means revising the computer’s safe browsing skills or using effective antivirus software.


Putlocker is known as a website for using copyrighted materials illegally and this infringement of law is a serious offense. Trying out a site that is known for its piracy issues will only land up a person in trouble and make him face some legal issues too. One can face a fine of $250,000 or an imprisonment of 5 years or even both. Using this notorious website for downloading good movies may be quite enticing but again one should remember the price that one needs to pay for it. Therefore for many people, Putlocker is not a legal website that can be used for streaming TV series or movies.

These are some of the common views that one holds about Putlocker. Some feel the site to be legal but the content displayed on it illegally. So find some alternatives and go for their safe use instead of using something that is affected with annoying content and is pirated too.