The entire world has woken up to the exclusive and intensive world of PHP web application development frameworks and how.

The enthralling success story of Ecommerce Platforms and its leading popularity have only prompted the developers and enterprises to look for much more resourceful and distinctive Ecommerce Sales PHP development frameworks.

Some of the development skeletal structures doing the rounds today are Yii framework, Codeigniter, Symfony and a lot more. Taking the torch amongst these all is peppy and robust Zend PHP development framework.

In this article we intent on to discussing the multi-disciplinary facets of this framework and discuss whether and how it is the best development choice for any enterprise or entity looking for robust and scalable websites.

A foreword about Zend

Let us first quickly acquaint you with this particular development structure. Zend is primarily a web development skeletal structure and comes with a predefined set of functionalities and methodologies.

Which basically allow the developers to bypass a lot of tenacious and intricate steps and concentrate their tasks on the most challenging and demanding features of web development.

The framework is powered by the leading and foremost server side scripting language – PHP and is regarded as one of the best in its field. Moreover, we all know the leading ecommerce website publishing platform  – Magento

But what most of us fail to notice or pay heed to is the fact that this brilliant and extensive ecommerce publishing solution is actually based on and powered by Zend framework.

Further improving the credentials of this framework is the fact that it takes its name for the Zend Company, and it was the Zend Company which originally came up with the entire PHP coding language. Hence, one can be rest assured that they must have made available amazing prowess and capabilities in the framework which represents their name in the market.

Attributes of Zend Development

The sole purpose of a framework is to ease out the entire task of the developers, be their efficient assistant, work in an intuitive and self guided way and predict in advance and make available all the possible features and functionalities that they may require. And honestly, it fares quite well on these criteria. To understand more about the features and attributes of this framework, let us read further:

MVC Structure

A Zend Development company is able to utilize the prowess and positive features of MVC (Model, View and Controller) model and render high end results to the applications that they develop. Owing to MVC model, Zend development offers highly robust, flexible and reliable applications.

Extreme flexibility to developers

Unlike other skeletal structures available for quick and thorough PHP development, Zend is actually the most flexible amongst all of them. It helps in developing web applications and allows the developers to pick up the modules or certain fragments of the package and unify them with classes developed them. As a result, they are able to include the power of existing modules and manipulate them in a way to provide highly riveting and customized solutions. Thus hire Zend developers for highly flexible and tailor made robust web solutions.

Most compatible solution with PHP

As we have already gathered that Zend is created by the creators of PHP itself, it is undoubtedly the solution which is the most compatible with its development platform and also follows the latest web standards, so as to offer the latest features to the application and offer an extra flexibility and edge to the developers.

Thus, opt for Zend development services today and render impeccable results to your website.

Criteria for Selecting Offshore Web Development Company for Developing Responsive Web Application

There are several web development companies that offer lucrative prices when a prospective client visits their website. Many times the prices listed on the websites do not include hidden costs that most companies charge from the clients, once they hire them.

From the clients’ perspective, charges do not matter much as once they decide to outsource the web project to an offshore company, they mentally prepare their minds to pay for the services that they would avail.

However it might be quite disappointing for them to pay additional hidden costs which were not disclosed at the time of finalizing the deal. In such situations, most clients try to compromise with the service providers once and for the last time.

At one part, the dissatisfaction of the client might affect the business of the organizations, while on other part clients lose their trusts in the web companies, hence looking for various freelancing sites to hire individual web developers to work for them on freelancing basis.

To avoid above discussed embarrassing and unpleasing situations, clients must do some research work on their own before they finally outsource their project to any web development company to develop a responsive web application. Some points that clients must always consider while selecting the best offshore web service provider organizations are:

Previous Work – Before outsourcing responsive web projects to any organization, clients must always go through the previously developed and hosted sites by the company. This would give the clients an idea of the quality and efficiency of site that the organization may develop.

Many legitimate organizations provide links to their previous works on their official websites so that it becomes easier for the visitors to locate and assess the quality of service that the organizations deliver.

Consumers’ Reviews – Consumers’ reviews are one of the major aspects while selecting the best web application development organization. Since the consumers are the end users of the service providers, their judgments and assessment statements can be counted on. It is always a good practice to interact with the consumers via e-mails or any other communication medium in order to get the detailed information about the organizations and the quality of service that they provide.

Website Uptime and Loading – When website is developed and is uploaded to be hosted on a web server to be made available publicly and accessed by everyone, the time it takes while getting downloaded on the clients computers reflects the quality and the size of the webpage that is developed by the organization.

Moreover, the duration for which the site may become unavailable in case of any network failure or congestion reflects the efficiency of the web server and the hosting service provider. The longer the website takes to become available after the failure, the lesser efficient it is considered to be.

Quality of After Sales Service – After sales service is one of the most important aspects while selecting an offshore web software development company.

Since the website is delivered just once after its development, and it is only the after sales service that represents the promptness of the organization and the efficiency in their work, clients must choose the web development organizations wisely.

Technically Skilled Staff – Since the website is to be developed and maintained by the outsourced organization, clients must always verify and crosscheck the technical abilities of the employees the organization has. The more technically skilled the staff of the organization is, the more efficient the developed website would be.